About Us

CareerTestPro.com is the most comprehensive international career test available online! CareertestPro.com uses a database of over 3,000 professions and corresponding educational levels. The test consists of 5 dimensions, being questions with regard to skills, (work) values, activities, personal behavior and professions. Each of the aforementioned dimensions are tested by means of 60 questions. Taking the test will only cost you approximately 15 minutes.

When clicking on "TAKE THE TEST", you’ll see 5 different lists of questions, which you need to answer one by one. It’s up to you to be as accurate as possible in your answers to the statements. Before every questionnaire there is a brief explanation of the purpose of the specific dimension and what action is required from you. It’s important to read the given statements carefully and follow with your intuition when answering them. After completing the test you’ll directly receive your personalized report with the corresponding professions, in your mailbox!

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