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The career test on CareertestPro is for anyone who wants to gain more insight in their personality and which professions fit them best. The CareertestPro report elaborates on the composition of your personality and gives you clear areas of interest together with professions that suit you best based on this composition. Furthermore, every profession that is mentioned in your personal report comes with an educational level, so you instantly see what the requirements are for that specific profession. For more information on what you can expect from the CareertestPro report you can, click here for a sample report or click here to take the test!

What is the RIASEC method?

CareertestPro is based on the theory of the Holland Codes or the Holland Occupational Themes (RIASEC). This theoretical framework was developed by J.L. Holland and refers to a theory of careers and vocational choice based upon personality types. Each letter of the RIASEC code stands for a particular personality type, being:

All RIASEC Personality types are discussed separately with regard to your personal score on skills, (work) values, activities, personal behavior and professions. You can check the sample report here.

The RIASEC method is one of the most extensively researched and used test in personality psychology. The theory assumes that everyone has an inner predisposition for certain professions. By means of six different personality characteristics, which are described above, your unique personality profile is comprised. Due to the fact that each person is unique, everyone will generate a different personality profile. The career test on CareertestPro creates a personalized three-lettercode, based on 3 of the 6 RIASEC personality types. This three-letter code is based on a primary personality type, a secondary personality type and a tertiary personality type. Obviously, the primary personality type is the one you high-scored. The secondary is your second score, and self-evident, the tertiary your third. Based on this three-letter code occupations are specified that specifically apply to you. More information on the three-letter code is found in this sample report. Click HERE to take the test!

A description of each of the six personality types is set out below. In your personal report these types are discussed in more detail.

Realistic personality type (Doers);

The realistic, also called practical personality type, enjoys outdoor activities and is usually physical, athletic, or mechanical. Furthermore, they're independent, persistent, down-to-earth individuals who possess a hands-on mentality. They prefer things rather than ideas and are dexterous with tools, operating machines and interacting with animals.

Investigative personality type (Thinkers);

The investigative personality type is naturally curious and rational. Furthermore, they're intellectual, inquisitive, analytical and logical. They enjoy performing tasks that are scholarly and involve scientific, technical and/or medical phenomena. Solving problems, performing experiments and conducting research appeal to the investigative personality type.

Artistic personality type (Creators);

The artistic personality type is creative, intuitive, sensitive, articulate and enjoys unstructured and innovative activities, in which they can work with ideas, abstractions, and concepts.

Social personality type (Helpers);

The social personality type is caring, helpful, empathetic, generous, kind and cooperative. They enjoy performing tasks that involve socializing, teaching, teamwork, interaction and helping others.

Enterprising personality type (Persuaders);

The enterprising personality type is adventurous, ambitious and assertive. They prefer work that involves leadership, taking risks and competing.

Conventional personality type (Organizers);

The conventional personality type are individuals who work precise, accurate and enjoy practical tasks, quantitative measurements, and structured environments.

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