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Which method does Career Test Pro use?

CareertestPro is based on the theory of the Holland Codes or the Holland Occupational Themes (RIASEC). This theoretical framework was developed by J.L. Holland and refers to a theory of careers and vocational choice based upon personality types. Each letter of the RIASEC code stands for a particular personality type, being: Realistic personality type (Doers); Investigative personality type (Thinkers); Artistic personality type (Creators); Social personality type (Helpers); Enterprising personality type (Persuaders); Conventional personality type (Organizers). All RIASEC Personality types are discussed separately concerning your personal score on skills, (work) values, activities, personal behavior, and professions.

The RIASEC method is one of the most extensively researched and used tests in personality psychology. The theory assumes that everyone has an inner predisposition for certain professions. Using six different personality characteristics, which are described above, your unique personality profile is comprised. Because each person is unique, everyone will generate a different personality profile. The career test on CareertestPro creates a personalized three-letter code, based on 3 of the 6 RIASEC personality types. This three-letter code is based on a primary personality type, a secondary personality type, and a tertiary personality type. The primary personality type is the one you high-scored. The secondary is your second score, and self-evident, the tertiary your third.

Who can take the career test on

Our career test is for anyone who wants to find out which professions suit their personality! You'll receive an extensive report on your personality with matching professions from the largest online database!

What type of questions can I expect during the career test?

The career test on has an occupation database of over 3,000 professions with corresponding educational requirement levels. Needless to say, Career Test Pro is one of the most complete career tests you will find online! Furthermore, our career test is used by professionals and career coaches. The career test is based on questions concerning your personal score on skills, (work) values, activities, personal behavior and professions. All of these factors are tested through 60 questions. This might look like a lot, but based on this total of 300 questions a personalized report is created that elaborates on your personality and the professions that suit you best! Taking the test only costs you about 15 minutes.

Does it make sense to take the career test if I'm already graduated or if I'm working?

Definitely! It doesn't matter if you graduated or if you're working. You can still take the test to get a clearer view of your personality and see which professions suit you best.

What happens with my report?

Your report is fully anonymous and is not saved on our servers. After finishing the test you will instantly receive the result and a copy is send to you via e-mail.

How or where can I create an account on does not require an account and your personalized report is fully anonymous.